Album Releases

CD/LP “There Are Millions” (2019)

Recorded in Ireland, produced by Matthias Krauss and Ralf A.Thomas.
Focussed musicians in the most beautiful and harmonic atmosphere that a band could wish for.
And an album that perfectly reflects that.
Dynamic from (almost) silence to clipping.
Powerful and loud. Playful, sensitive and passionate.
Old fashioned, timeless and trendsetting at the same time.
Songs that You will love and never want to miss again…
More than one hour of Music available on CD and Vinyl*, same as for Download and Streaming.

* unfortunately Vinyl LP can only play ca. 50 mins…

Release Date: 30.08.2019

EP “Revolution Everyday” (2014)

In December 2014  audiolaw’s first EP „Revolution Everyday“ was released.
Six outstanding Tracks, produced by Matthias Krauss (e.g. Jon Lord, Scorpions, Sally Oldfield, Klaus „Major“ Heuser Band, Wolf Maahn, Kelly Family…) on whose timelock label this first tastemaker is released.The name-giving Rock title „Revolution Everyday“ deals about the sharp edge between young folks’ self-restraint and loss of control in a world shaped from information-overkill and desinformation. „Tender“ meanwhile proves competence in songwriting and arrangement in a completely different dynamic range. The track is about the tender closeness of sleep and death. Yet audiolaw are beating a different drum  in „All The Time All My Life“ as there is nothing  as beautiful as life – under the premise an appropriate living-purpose could be found.


audiolaw – Revolution Everyday (2014)